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About Me

Web technologies have always been a passion of mine from when I wrote my first lines of HTML for an Angel Fire website or creating my first from scratch website for our family business to learning the latest HTML 5 and canvas standards to create interactive online experiences.

Having graduated university with a degree in Computer Games Programming and having experienced some time working in the games industry, I believe the development approaches taken in this industry have granted me a unique perspective when it comes to programming and designing business systems and solutions.

In recent years I have worked for companies in the film, TV and advertising visual effects markets providing full Salesforce business solutions that fit within their current business models, worked on front and back end website projects and built integrated cloud based administrative tools.

Skill Set

I am proficient in many different languages and tools, some of which are listed below.

  • Salesforce administration, APEX code and Visualforce pages.
  • HTML, CSS and Java Script.
  • PHP, C++ and C# languages.
  • MySQL, MSSQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Object Orientated (OO) design patterns.
  • Linux Red Hat/CentOS server.
Featured Blog Entries

Website Admin Framework

I have been working on a new website administration framework which should mean making custom website content editable by users much simpler.

Integers and Commas

I recently discovered a bug in my Salesforce "On Click" Javascript where Integer values were coming back with commas to seperate the thousands.

Efficient APEX Triggers when using SOQL

In this entry I discuss the problems when working with Salesforce APEX triggers with complex SOQL. I then present a possible solution to this by building efficient SOQL queries which work on batch triggers.